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About Author

Aleksandr Podleshuk was born on 10 February in Vilnius. In 1990 he entered the Vilnius Art School. From 1997 solo exhibitions. Was a member of the club artists "Pleksne".
Artist - left-hander, born under the sign of Aquarius. From the image which has arisen in the mind of the artist and transferred to canvas, produced this way, purely energetic subconscious and emotional influence.
  • Style of work:
    The main directions of the artist in paintings are surrealism and symbolism. The works differ juicy coloring, great energy. Basically, all the artist's works on canvas perfomed with oil. And presented a series of "Another Reality" is made of PVA glue on the slab fiberboard and has a textured pattern.
  • Solo Exhibitions:
    1997 - Vilnius, House Officers
    1998 - Vilnius, the Polish House of Culture
    1999 - Vilnius, Vilnius TV tower
    2001 - Vilnius, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Lithuania
    2003 - Vilnius, the Lithuanian Seimas
    2004 - Vilnius Teacher's House